West Intégrations

Founded in January 2012, WEST INTEGRATIONS is a business with a broad spectrum of activities that encompasses :

  • Private tutoring in Maths, Physics and English from A-level standard to Advanced Mathematics;
  • Engineering : Data mining, Optimisation, Contract Development in Building and Civil Engineering, Surveys, Studies and Development of renewable energies;
  • Professional training : support for those studying at the CNAM school of engineering and technology, the CNED distance learning academy, and also exam preparation for those looking to enter the French Civil Service.


In accordance with our motto of ‘true understanding for long-term learning’, our teaching methods are innovative, shunning the approach of cramming in information, and instead standing firm on its founding principles, which are :

  • To incite interest – which we effect with a multi-disciplinary approach
  • To start from your acquired knowledge base – free initial assessments, that are not multiple-choice
  • To monitor development – we check your learning at regular intervals, with oral and written tests that will determine your progress to the next learning objective.

In a participatory style with regular goals, our revolutionary teaching method breaks completely from the State-standard methods that have been failing individuals for so many years.


All of our teachers and trainers have a scientific background, with a minimum of 5 years education beyond A-level; they have international experience and can therefore teach in English.


Put our skills to the test : your first two hours of training are completely free of charge and with no obligation to continue – that’s how confident we are in our ability and approach. Better yet, you can also get a 50% tax rebate on your tuition fees.


For private tutoring: within the departements 02, 13, 75, 77, 78, 83, 91, 92 we will travel to you.


For group sessions and training courses, we can arrange dates and locations to suit you anywhere in mainland France, depending on the number of participants and the length of the course.


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